Saturday, September 20, 2008

Second attempt on my specimen boooook

I worked off of the first few pages and made new improvements. loving it so far but not sure if it's right yet. it is definitely taking me a long time though. i'm going to keep on working on it because there's no way i'm done


Anonymous said...

Very Classy. All your pages look great. It's hard to pick a favorite one.

youkyung choi said...

yeah very classy.. and it is great that you can make it interesting without color.

grace lee said...

the type looks beautiful! the different textures you created using the type are really great

Louis Rivera said...

the subtlety creates allot of beauty among your spreads ..awesome

kei said...

lovely, i am loving these spreads. but why didn't you call me after you were done for wine? tsk tsk.

Max Losk said...

great stuff!

............................ said...

this came along nicely.

would change the typography on 1903.

number forms are not so nice.

and they fill the page.

should be simply beautiful.

reflecting the color and pattern you have in this piece.