Friday, July 31, 2009

long process but i'm loving type again. i'm combining letters i like and making it into my own. i haven't attempted to draw my own letters since soph year so it's taking forever but i love them so far

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glad you're back on this.

seemed too important to leave unfinished--

though it will always be unfinished, since it chronicles a iife (yours) still underway.

love the poetry of it, the repetition, the faded imagery, your hand with the white wash and filigree.

in places i feel the imagery has yet to be resolved.

for instance, the piece with the photos and buildings--

perhaps lacks your painterly whitewash or some such.

love, love your letter forms.

my only other comment than they are just beautiful is to go back and consider the letter spacing.

i find it a bit distracting from how very lovely the letters are.

need more input?

please ask.