Monday, April 6, 2009


this sketch of my house will turn into a pop up

my map of dallas 

part one of new york

startings of my personal journal comparing life in new york with life in texas. i feel about halfway done with the rough layouts. LOTS of tweaking needed but i like the direction it's heading


............................ said...

looks beautiful.

like the drawings better than the abstract water color drips, but i understand you need contrast.

maybe there's something in the middle between the drips and a full on drawing...

at least in some cases.

remember to work with the typography.

can imagine it could be quite ornate, ligatures, etc on this.

each piece of typography could be a drawing.


you think on it.

remind me to show you chris's senior thesis.


Ryan Sacks said...

these look really cool. i like the feel of it a lot. what is this done for?