Tuesday, November 4, 2008

legend of sleepy hollow

So i drew a couple illustrations for my drop caps. and of course being the smart person i am i left them in the scanner (ha ha...) well at least i have the scans!! i need to make a few more letters–obviously

 page one (left)

page 2 (right)
the most interesting part of this story is the fact that it's all text. no chapters or anything. so i'm just making every line a drop cap. i know that the bottom half isn't aligned. i fixed it lol oops


Adrian said...

your letter illustrations are soft and pretty. i feel like most of your work carries that theme. i like seeing that. like austopy would say, the text color looks even. since this is amostly about type, if i were doing this i would maybe choose a different typeface for the text. Nothing too quirky because that might overpower the drop caps.. something that could be identifiable with sleepy hollow too.. thats just me though, i think it looks great!

............................ said...

text too heavy.

but, we said that.

illustrated letter forms could be more interesting.

how about you choose a more interesting face?


give it a try.

odd but interesting.

............................ said...

columns too wide, etc.

you remember, correct?

i'll be seeing this again, please.