Monday, October 27, 2008


so i'm still working on my info graphic and looking up #'s and data but here's my original

and my final box idea/instructions. all i need to do is buy new toothbrushes

and i want to make another book so i'm going to start setting type!


Adrian said...

i love everything you do lisaaa! the packaging is nice and i really like the color palette. your inforgraphic looks neat too. i like the typeface choices for both of them.. what are they?? i would really like to know!

............................ said...

love the info graphic.

crit might be that it's difficult to read.

i like it anyway.

it's quite beautiful.

facial brush needs something more.

it's a little flat.

gives the idea that it's not too expensive.

you could go lower brow or higher brow.

either and still it would look more expensive.

an example of low brow expensive is stilla.

nice product, simple packaging, high price (at least for me).

maybe that direction since you seem to be going there with this.

careful of your illos to keep them simple if you go low brow.

otherwise, it looks too crafty.

walking a tightrope with this piece.

it'll come off.

work more on the logo.

logo is a thing unto itself.

not a straight out typeface, but a slight alteration--

making it a unique mark.

could be a ligature or a mix of faces, etc.

work the logo.

you're almost there.